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IDI E-learning Course on IT Audit.

The E- course on IT Audit is based on the WGITA-IDI Handbook on IT Audit. It follows the general auditing principles as laid down under the International Standards for Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs), as well as draws guidance from the internationally recognized IT frameworks, including ISACA’s COBIT framework , International Standards Organisations (ISO) standards, and IT guides and manuals of some of the SAIs. The E-course particularly focuses on creating an understanding of the IT Security and IT General Control environments in IT based organisations.


  1. Course Objectives
  2. Course structure
  3. Participants
  4. Mentors
  5. Dates
At the end of the e- course, participants will be able to:
  • Enhance their knowledge of audit planning and implementation process based on the relevant ISSAIs
  • Understand the IT general control environment and associated risks
  • Understand the application control environment and associated risks
  • Use appropriate audit matrices for developing lines of enquiry and detailed audit questions for planning pilot IT Audits
  • Understand the concept of CAATS and develop / enhance the skills in using CAATS
IT Audit E-course consisted of 6 modules and each module had one or more topics. These were:
  • Module 1 - Introduction to the IT Audit Process
  • Module 2 – IT Governance
  • Module 3 – IT Operations
  • Module 4 – Development Acquisition and Outsourcing
  • Module 5 – IT Security , Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans (BCP/DRP)
  • Module 6 - Applications Controls and Use of CAATS
117 Number of participants from 41 SAIs(CAROSAI, AFROSAI-E, PASAI, EUROSAI, ASOSAI)
  • Mr. Pawel Banas of NIK Poland
  • Mr. Madhav Panwar of GAO
  • Mr. Neelesh Sah of CAG India
  • Mr. Anindya Dasgupta of CAG India
  • Ms. Tameika Fleming of SAI Anguilla
  • Ms. Annette Mwangi of SAI Kenya
02 June 2014 to 25 July 2014

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