Enhancing eLearning Capacity Programme

Enhancing eLearning Capacity Programme

The Enhancing eLearning Capacity will focus on developing IDI’s in house capacity for e-Learning and facilitating the development of regional and SAI capacity by creating pools of eLearning specialists, documenting eLearning methodology and providing guidance and support for regions and SAIs to develop their own eLearning mechanisms.

This Programme has been presented to the regions during the IDI Planning and Prioritization Meeting which took place in December 2014. All INTOSAI regions selected this Programme as a priority. This global programme is expected to be delivered in Arabic, English, French and Spanish from 2015 to 2018.

The objectives of the Enhancing eLearning Capacity Programme will be achieved through the following five elements at the global, regional and SAI level:


idi elearning capacity programme


1. IDI Learning Management System (LMS)

The IDI Learning Management System is a Web based technology that is used to develop and deliver eLearning courses. For the development of this LMS, open source as well as proprietary tools have been used.


2. Development of an eLearning Handbook

A product development meeting was convened to prepare this eLearning Handbook to provide guidance to SAIs and regions on setting up and developing eLearning courses.


3. Certification for eLearning Specialists

The IDI has also included a certification component within this Programme to create a pool of eLearning specialists. These specialists will have the role to support design, development and delivery of eLearning Programmes at the global, regional and SAI level. Selected participants who successfully complete all programme components will be certified as eLearning specialists by the IDI.


4. Support to regions and SAIs in eLearning Development and Delivery

The IDI will provide support to the regions and SAIs in enhancing eLearning capacity through cooperation and mutual agreements.


5. Portfolio of eLearning Programmes

The IDI will make available a variety of eLearning courses to regions and SAIs, which have been developed using the methodology contained in the Handbook and in the Certification for eLearning Specialists.

Courses and Communities